Tuesday, 7 November 2017

Apple iPhone X Specifications, Features

The world is changing constantly, but some things always stay the same. Every year new clothes, TV shows, actors, music, art and sports teams are in vogue, while last year's things are slowly being lost to everyone's eyes. In a sense, however, many things remain static, we always see the same kind of movies in the cinema, the same people watching TV, the same teams win the same championships, there are sequels to already-known video games, and so on. One thing that is consistent, but always evolving, is the iPhone.

Since 2007, new versions of Apple's premium smartphone have been released, and new models are inspiring with new designs, new software, capabilities, and more, and a few weeks ago, the next generation was finally announced: the iPhone X.

At an Apple conference in California , the newest member of the family of smartphones was introduced. The iPhone X (ten) is to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the iPhone, and the advertising slogan is "Say hello to the future". It will be available in many countries from the 3rd of November. One feature is the 5.8 OLED screen, which measures 5.65 "x 0.30", and it uses the new iOS 11 operating system, can be purchased with 64 or 256GB memory, and uses stereo speakers. The rear camera has 12MP and the front camera 7MP, with 1080HD video recordings.

 A New Kind of Selfies

One of the big new features is the Face ID System. This replaces the Touch ID, and scans the user's face to unlock the phone. This should provide a security standard never before available on smartphones. It uses a projector that places up to 30,000 invisible dots on the user's face to scan it. For it to work, your eyes must be open. Apple claims to have trained the system with over a billion images of faces to make sure everything is working smoothly. The mobile phone will not collect facial data and can get used to new haircuts, new or shaved beards, cosmetic surgery etc. This Face ID system can be switched off by pressing volume and power buttons for several seconds.

Behind Bars

What makes the new device for disputes. Is a recess at the top of the screen. This design feature takes its place from the status bar, which displays information such as time, date, open apps, Internet connection, and more. This means less space for such information, but worse is the ad while looking at other things. If you watch a video on YouTube, for example, the recess may partially obscure the screen. If you play a game online at Royal Vegas Casino, it may be that important visual information is obscured. The reason for this recess is the Face ID Camera, which is larger than the standard camera. It would not be the release of a new iPhone, if there was no dispute and discussion, but of course, the new iPhone will probably be a success. At least it is certain that at least until the release of the next iPhone in 2018, all the world will talk about the iPhone X.

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